Alex: A Life in Fast Forward

60′ for BBC3 / BBC 1

Produced & Directed by David Dugan

Composer. Max de Wardener

Alex is 21 and dying. But watching his amazing attitude to life is inspirational In anyone else, Alex Lewis’s positivity might get tiring. In him it’s extraordinary. Alex – subject of Alex: A Life Fast Forward (BBC3) – has bone cancer. At 21 he is dying. He doesn’t shy away from this, casually chats away over an ice-lolly in the garden about wanting to be cremated and have his ashes scattered at Craven Cottage. But God does he make the most of what time he has. To begin with this means living out a kind of Pepsi Max dream – skydiving, dune-buggying, tombstoning, breaking keepy-uppy records, dancing, frolicking, always surrounded by lovely, happy, beautiful friends. When he wakes up in the morning he thinks: “What am I doing today? Oh I’m having a good day.” And if he’s having radiotherapy that day, well at least it’s not chemotherapy, that’s a lot worse.

‘This is an uplifting film as well as a very sad one. It’s beautifully done, intimate without being intrusive’  The Guardian

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