The Last Nazis: ‘Most Wanted’ and “Children of the Master Race”

60′ for BBC3 / BBC 1

Produced & Directed by David Dugan

Composer. Max De Wardener

As the generation of surviving Nazi war criminals dies out, two young film-makers set out on a journey to speak to these men, to enter their worlds, and uncover the impact their existence has had on others.

In 1942 Sandor Kepiro allegedly took part in the massacre of 1400 Jews, Serbs and Gypsies during World War II. Now aged 94, Sandor Kepiro is the world’s most wanted Nazi. 70 years after the outbreak of war, Charlie Russell and Izzy Charman have gained access for the very first time to the most wanted Nazi war criminals in the world.

In a series of uncomfortable but compelling encounters, they are invited into the homes of some of the last alleged collaborators of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Along with Sandor Kepiro, they meet Milivoj Asner, 96, the world’s second most wanted Nazi, now living in Austria and claiming he’s too old and infirm to remember the past; Josef Scheungraber, currently on trial in Germany at the age of 90, in one of the last ever Nazi war crimes trials; and Ursula Haverbeck, a leader in the Hitler Youth who continues in her beliefs to this day.

Each of them reflect on the nature of guilt, the passing of time, and the way that history is written by the victors, in an attempt to discover how their war-time experiences have shaped their lives forever. 

“Chilling” The Scotsman

“The icily bureaucratic way in which the Nazis were able to kill, terrorize and relocate people… shouldn’t, perhaps, be a source of surprise to us, given the amount of information available on the subject. But then a documentary such as this one comes along… and you’re forced to catch your breath again”  Pete Noughton, The Telegraph

“Haunting Stuff”  The Daily Mail

“An astounding, if highly uncomfortable, insight” The Times