The Libertines: There are no innocent Bystanders

90′ feature documentary (co- editor) for Pulse films

Dir. Roger Sargent

Prod. Thomas Benski / Jamie Clark / David Standen


THE LIBERTINES: THERE ARE NO INNOCENT BYSTANDERS is an engaging and honest music documentary by legendary photographer turned filmmaker, Roger Sargent. The film offers an intimate look at the band’s 2010 reunion and is the definitive film about arguably one of the most influential groups of its generation.

Narrated by the band in their own words, the film spans the period of time from the announcement of the reunion to the weekend of the 2010 Reading and Leeds festivals – their first ‘on the road’ experience together for six years. With this as a backdrop, Sargent explores the history of the band, allowing them to intimately discuss how they became what they are and revealing untold stories along the way.


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