Tsunami: Survivors’ Stories

58′ for  Minnow Films / ITV1

Dir. Ursula McFarlane

Exec Prod. Colin Barr

Survivors of the Boxing Day Tsunami recall one of the world’s largest ever natural disasters and reveal how their lives have unfolded a decade on from the tragedy, in this landmark ITV documentary.  This 60 minute film  with no commercial breaks marks the 10 year anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami.  We explore how four families caught up in the day have coped and are continuing to make sense of their experience. Amongst them are a brother and sister who were teenagers at the time and return to Thailand in the programme to retrace their movements from when the wave engulfed them. In an emotional reunion, they also meet the kind Thai woman who looked after them whilst their father searched in vain for their mother.

“We were all in shock, dishevelled, no shoes. I don’t remember us talking that much. We’re all hoping for the best, beginning to fear the worst. It was that thing, you know, stuff like that doesn’t happen to us.”
Ben, survivor of the Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004


BAFTA Editing: Factual 2015


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