A whole load of credits…​

There have been a lot over the year but here are some…

Stones in Exile (80′ Theatrical)

Hadwins Judgment (90′ theatrical)

There are No Innocent Bystanders (90′ I-tunes / Theatrical)

Assault on Waco (120′ C4)

Blood of The Rose (AKA Murder on the Lake) (90′ BBC4 / theatrical)

The Lure (90′ theatrical)

Keep Quiet (90′ I-tunes / Theatrical)

Take That – Look back, Don’t Stare (90′ ITV/ Itunes/ Theatrical)

The Summit (90′ i-tunes / theatrical)

Muse Of Fire (70′ BBC 3 / Itunes)

The Betrayed Girls (90′ BBC1)

Baby P – The Untold story (90′ BBC1)

Back Street Boys: Show em what you’re made of. (90′ Theatrical)

Tsunami – Survivors Stories (60′ ITV)

You’re Killing My Son – the Mum on the Run (60′ C4)

Richard III – The King in the Car Park (90′ C4)

A Boy called Alex (60′ C4)

Secret Streets (60 ‘ BBC2)

Wooton Bassett – The Town that remembers (60′ BBC1)

A Mothers Love (60 C4)

NHS: Celebrities on the frontline (2x 60′ BBC1)

Remembering Aaron (90′ BBC 1 Ireland)

Alex: A life Fast Forward (60′ BBC3)

The Last Nazis (2x 60′ BBC2)

The Real Pink Panther (60′ C4)

The 9/11 Faker (60′ C4)

George Melly’s Last Stand (60′ BBC2)

Dark Side of Porn: Me and my Slaves (60′ C4)

Assault on Waco (120′ c4)

Rough Crossings (90′ BBC2)

Looking for Elizabeth (90′ C4)

Mbya, Tierre en Roja (90′ More 4)

Who Killed Kirsty McColl (60′ BBC2)

Inside Spiritualism (60′ BBC2)

Your Life in Their Hands (60’ BBC1)