87′ for Passion Pictures & True West Films in association with The National Film Board of Canada
Written and Directed by Sasha Snow
Produced by Dave Allen / David Christensen / Yves Ma / Elizabeth Yske
Executive Producers: David Christensen / Tracey Friesen / Andrew Ruhemann


A docu-drama based on the story told in the award winning book ‘The Golden Spruce’, this film tracks the events which lead up to the catastrophic destruction of North America’s most precious tree.

An environmental thriller set in the wilderness of Canada’s Pacific North West. This is the true story of how one man dared to challenge the destruction of the world’s last great temperate rainforest. Grant Hadwin may have instigated the salvation of the forest with his terrorist act, but his story ends in madness and self-destruction and raises the age old question: can the end justify the means?

“I ask you, if you had the power to create all matter, including life, and you could synchronise those creations perfectly, what would you do if one life form was apparently abusing all other life, including themselves?”
— Extract from the manifesto ‘Hadwin’s Judgement’


watch there trailer here.